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Officers and Agencies of Character, TCOLE #3751

This three-day course educates officers about how improving their personal character can instill better communication skills, help resolve conflict, and prepare them for leadership.

Day number one, “Becoming an Officer and a Leader of Character”, discusses the foundation of habits of good character. It focuses on teaching lessons about:

  • Understanding the role of individual character in a leader’s ability to lead on the job and at home
  • Understanding the two most common reasons leaders fail
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses in personal character
  • Developing an individual plan for strengthening your weaknesses

Day number two, “Communication, Conflict, and Coaching”, works on the development of individual communication skills and explains how character can affect a person’s communications. It teaches lessons on:

  • Understanding the leader’s role in communicating and coaching others
  • Developing conflict resolution strategies based on personality styles
  • Developing coaching plans for high, average, and low performers

Day number three, “Leading a Team of Character”, provides lessons about the effects of someone’s character on the team they lead. Learning objectives include:

  • Understanding the five strategies to developing trust
  • Implementing strategies to develop trust on teams
  • Understanding the leader’s responsibility for Organizational Character
  • Implementing the Five Steps for developing Organizational Character

February 6, 2018, 8:00am –
February 8, 2018, 5:00pm

Cost: $495.00
Hours: 24



Special Instructions:

For more couse information, please see PDF attachment (scroll down).

Attendee must bring their PID # to receive TCOLE credit for courses affiliated with CAPCOG.  To promote a professional environment, CAPCOG requires proper business casual attire.  T-shirts, shorts, capri pants, and flip-flops are prohibited.  No meals provided with training.


Course ID: 21668

  • This class has passed.
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