Law Enforcement Education Committee (LEEC)

The LEEC, formed in 1977, helps update and advise on policies and standards for Basic Peace Officer Course entrance requirements and specialized or mandated in-service training.
Policy & Advisory Committees


  • Discharge its responsibilities and otherwise comply with commission rules.
  • Set policies and procedures for the academy with the consent of the chief administrator.
  • Advise on the need to study, evaluate and identify specific training needs.
  • Advise on the determination of the types, frequency and location of courses to be offered.
  • Advise on the establishment of the standards for admission, prerequisites, minimum and maximum class size, attendance and retention.
  • Advise on the order of preference among employees or prospective appointees of the sponsoring organization and other persons, if any.
  • Report back to the CAPCOG Executive Committee member of which county the representative is from, on happenings in the Law Enforcement Education Committee and to report to interested officials and citizens of which county the representative is from on happenings in the Law Enforcement Education Committee.

Members and Bylaws

The Law Enforcement Education Committee is composed of 12 members appointed by the CAPCOG Executive Committee. Four of the members must be members of the general public, while the others consist of law enforcement officials from communities throughout CAPCOG.


The committee meets once a quarter at CAPCOG and its meetings are open to the public. Check the events section below for upcoming meeting details, such as time, date and location.

Contact Terri Kroeger for agendas and minutes for the committee.