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As a regional planner and coordinator, CAPCOG’s projects, reports, plans and accomplishments are done on the program level which span across a variety of areas to assist and support counties, cities, and their residents. These program areas are divided among CAPCOG’s five program divisions — Aging Services, Emergency Communications, Homeland Security, Regional Planning and Services, the Regional Law Enforcement Academy.

Below is a list of key categories of projects that may span multiple program areas. Projects which are done specifically by one division and program area can also be found through that division’s page.


Care Guidance & Services

CAPCOG through its Aging Services program, which runs the Area Agency on Aging (AAACAP) and the Aging and Disabilities Resource Center of the Capital Area (ADRC-CAP), provides a number of services and supports for older adults, those with disabilities and their caregivers.

Data & Maps

CAPCOG’s data services offer timely census information, cutting-edge mapping, regional statistics, economic analysis and more to assist local jurisdictions, businesses, residents and other interested stakeholders in the Central Texas 10-county region.

Funding & Grants

CAPCOG assists the state and local governments in allocating several federal funding sources to local organizations. Among these grant programs are funding sources for projects related to homeland security, criminal justice, and solid waste. CAPCOG also collects and promotes additional grant opportunities related to its program areas. In some, case it also provides resources to help local organizations apply for such grant opportunities. It has program experience in seeking funding from TxDOT, EPA, EDA, TDA-CDBG, TCEQ, USDA, and a variety of endowment programs.

Outreach & Education

CAPCOG collaborates with many of the local jurisdictions on several public outreach and education campaigns geared towards protecting resident’s health and safety or reducing the number of single occupancy vehicles on Central Texas roadways.

Reports & Publications

CAPCOG is often commissioned to draft reports on a variety of topics related to its program areas. Reports are commonly done on air quality issues and economic development, planning and resiliency issues; however, its Homeland Security, Aging Services, Emergency Communications divisions have drafted a number of plans and reports for the region and the local entities within it, which can be located in this section.

Most CAPCOG publications are available to the public at no charge as PDFs. Printed versions are available to the public at cost of reproduction plus labor and shipping. To order a print, view the fee schedule and contact Andrew Hoekzema, deputy executive director.

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Training & Workshops

From peace officers to fleet managers to elected officials and older adults, CAPCOG offers a variety of training courses or workshops for local governments, their staff and their residents. These courses are offered to enhance public servants and officials’ knowledge of best practices related to government issues.


CAPCOG’s Regional Law Enforcement Academy certifies all courses for peace officers and emergency telecommunicators so training hours can qualify for Texas Commission on Law Enforcements credits and help them maintain or advance their law enforcement certifications.