Outreach & Education

CAPCOG collaborates with many of the local jurisdictions on several public outreach and education campaigns geared towards protecting resident’s health and safety or reducing the number of single occupancy vehicles on Central Texas roadways.

What We Do

Air Central Texas

ACT provides the public with information about the Central Texas air quality, supports existing other air quality programs, and motivates everyone to make Air Aware decisions. It seeks to help people reduce exposure to air pollution in Bastrop, Caldwell, Hays, Travis, and Williamson counties through voluntary actions that reduce emissions and public tools that help avoid exposure when pollution levels are high. Program participants include local governments, regional and state government agencies, nonprofits, and private businesses.

Go to AirCentralTexas.org.

Commute Solutions & my Commute Solutions

The Commute Solution program promotes activities that increase the efficiency and use of existing roadways by reducing the amount of single occupant vehicle trips, decreasing the amount of vehicles traveling during peak congestion hours, shifting traffic from high-congestion roadways to low-congestion roadways, and increasing the use of public transit, carpooling, van pooling, walking, biking, and teleworking.

CommuteSolution.com is public outreach portal for the program and myCommuteSolutions.com serves a tool for people to find alternative modes transportation.

Text to 9-1-1 & 9-1-1 usage

CAPCOG, which operates as the region’s emergency communications district, established Text to 9-1-1 capabilities throughout the ten-county region in 2017. It continues to promote the proper use and best practices for residents texting 9-1-1 public safety answering points (PSAPs). It also informs residents about the Text to 9-1-1 service limitations.

CAPCOG also provides its local PSAPs and public safety agencies with outreach and educational materials designed and developed to enhance the public’s understanding of the 9-1-1 operations. The materials cover a broad range of topics associated with the proper usage of 9-1-1, wireless 9-1-1, and VoIP. Materials are available in English and Spanish. Agencies can even borrow 9-1-1 mascot, Red E. Fox.

Warn Central Texas

CAPCOG uses a regional notification system (RNS), WarnCentralTexas.org, as a crucial public-safety tool so local governments can warn and inform residents about natural and man-made disasters happening in their own neighborhood via text message, cellphone call or email. The web-based tool is available to users throughout the CAPCOG region. It's an effective tool for notifying a relatively large number of people in a short period of time.

Sign up for Local Alerts at WarnCenteralTexas.org.

Water Central Texas

Water Central Texas is a clearinghouse for water related topics throughout the CAPCOG ten-county region. It provides the public with information about water issues in Central Texas, supports existing water planning groups and initiatives and helps inform people about making water smart decisions.