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CAPCOG’s Criminal Justice Program is designated by the Office of the Governor’s Criminal Justice Division (CJD) for regional coordination efforts on the subject in the 10-county State Planning Region 12 area. The program provides technical assistance to applicants for CJD grant funding opportunities to include criminal justice, juvenile justice and victim services-related programming. CAPCOG’s Criminal Justice Program and Criminal Justice Advisory Committee review and update or create a regional strategic criminal justice plan annually. The program also facilitates the grant application scoring process through the Criminal Justice Advisory Committee. Each year application scoring done by the committee is based on local, regional and state priorities.

Plan Year 2022 | Office of the Governor, Criminal Justice Division, funding opportunities

Plan Year (PY) 2022 started in September 2020 when CAPCOG launched its community stakeholder survey and scheduled its stakeholder input meetings for October. This year CAPCOG will be coordinating the grant recommendation process for the following Funding opportunities:

  • General Victim Assistance Direct Service Program — Formerly General Victim Assistance Program (VOCA)
  • Violence Against Women Justice and Training Program
  • Juvenile Justice and Truancy Prevention Grant Program
  • Criminal Justice Program — Formerly Justice Assistance Grants (JAG)

The table below provides details about the funding opportunities from the Office of the Governor. Further information about the CAPCOG process for assisting with applications, making applications and the review and recommendation of the programs for funding also is including.

Funding OpportunityDetailsRFA Available DateApplication Due Dates
General Victim Assistance Direct Services Program   
Violence Against Women Justice & Training Program Coming Soon!!! 
Juvenile Justice and Truancy Prevention Grant Program   
Criminal Justice Program   

Go to the egrants.gov.texas.gov funding schedule for additional information from the Office of the Governor.
(If the OOG amends, its RFAs, CAPCOG will update the RFA here as soon as it is made aware of the amendment. It is best practice to download the RFAs from egrants.)

Read more about CJD

Plan Year 2022 Timeline and Meetings

CAPCOG is developing a complete timeline and schedule for PY 2022 grant programs. Check back for updates.

Stakeholders Meetings – Completed

CAPCOG and its Criminal Justice Advisory Committee (CJAC) are preparing for the upcoming grant cycle for the Office of the Governor, Criminal Justice Division’s Plan Year 2022. They are seeking input to update CAPCOG’s Regional Strategic Criminal Justice Plan and the regions funding priorities.

This year CAPCOG plans to hold two online meetings, to help facilitate social distancing practices, where stakeholders will hear a about relevant criminal justice information and discuss priorities for the region. They will be asked to come up with priorities in different areas of criminal justice, as well as identify the top five priorities for the region.

Meeting details are as follows:

1-3 p.m., Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2020
Online via GoToMeeting
Register to Attend

9 -11 a.m., Thursday, Oct. 8, 2020
Online via GoToMeeting
Register to Attend

To receive information on join the meetings, please register to attend.

Regional Needs Survey – Open

CAPCOG is collecting input from criminal justice stakeholders in the ten-county region by conducting the Plan Year 2022 Criminal Justice Regional Needs Survey. The deadline to participate in the Survey will be Sept. 27, 2020.

By completing the survey, stakeholders help guide the direction of the Regional Criminal Justice Plan and the set Plan Year 2022 funding properties of which the CAPCOG Criminal Justice Advisory Committee will recommend applications to receive funding from Office of the Governor grant programs. 

Take the survey.

Other Funding Opportunities

CAPCOG Gas Pump Skimmer Surveillance Grant

CAPCOG is accepting applications from local law enforcement agencies in the ten-county region, for a grant to cover surveillance of businesses that sell gas and have multiple reports of gas-skimming incidents. The grants are made possible by the Texas Department of Agriculture’s partnership with CAPCOG to address increasing fraudulent transactions at gas pumps. CAPCOG will award funding through an Interlocal Agreement (ILA) with the local governments.
CAPCOG will give priority to those areas with the highest number of reported incidents and to those officers who have completed CAPCOG’s skimmer training. Also taken into consideration is if the agency has demonstrated efforts to address reported incidents but are limited on resources to conduct surveillance. Officers also must be able to meet the required surveillance pilot schedule.
Read the full RFA.
Download the application.
To submit an application or for more info, contact Mike Jennings.
Get the Report Sheet.

Texas OOG CJD, Sexual Assault Forensic Exam (SAFE) Ready Facilities Program

This program is for  general and special hospitals licensed under Chapter 241 of the Texas Health and Safety Code, a general or special hospital owned by this State, or a freestanding emergency medical care facility licensed under Chapter 254 of the Texas Health and Safety Code.
Funds from this program may be used for costs associated with achieving or maintaining the SAFE-Ready Designation as defined in Chapter 323 of the Texas Health and Safety Code. Allowable costs include, but are not limited to:

  1. Basic Sexual Assault Forensic Evidence Collection Training as defined in Sec. 323.0045 of the Texas Health and Safety Code;
  2. Initial and continuing education of Sexual Assault Forensic Examiners as defined in Sec. 323.001 (4-a) of the Texas Health and Safety Code;
  3. Equipment and supplies (e.g. exam table, colposcopes, swab box/dryers, refrigerators for temporary storage of evidence); and
  4. Salary and overtime. (limited to Sexual Assault Forensic Examiners while attending training or the backfilling of Sexual Assault Forensic Examiners whom are off-site attending training)

Application Deadline: Aug. 6, 2020
Learn more and apply.

Check the following websites for possible other criminal justice related funding opportunities:

Plan Year 2023 | Office of the Governor, Criminal Justice Division, funding opportunities

Plan Year 2023 will begin in September of 2021. Check for updates on the current funding cycle — Plan Year 2022 — and Plan Year 2023.

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Review the 2017 CJD CAPCOG Region Data Packet for PY 2018.

Other Resources

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U.S. Department of JusticeU.S. Office of Victims of CrimeTexas Commission on Law Enforcement

Have questions about the criminal justice grant process, contact Matt Holderread, criminal justice program specialist