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Caregiver Support

The Caregiver Support Program offers support and respite for families and friends caring for adults older than 60. If caregiving responsibilities are affecting someone’s work, health, social life or family life, the Caregiver Support Program can help. In-home support services for care receivers are available on a short-term, limited basis. Care coordinators evaluate the needs of care receivers and caregivers for assistance.

Caregiver Support Eligibility

Residents within CAPCOG’s 10-county region may be eligible for respite through the Caregiver Support Program when they are one of the following:

  • The primary caregiver for an adult 60 or older.
  • The primary caregiver for an individual of any age with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or a disease-related dementia.
  • The nonparental caregiver – 55 or older – for an adult with severe disabilities.
  • A grandparent or other nonparent relative – 55 or older – with formal or informal custody of a relative child or children aged 18 or younger.

Caregiver Support Services

  • Full assessment of the caregiving situation.
  • Information about services and support to meet caregiving needs.
  • Assistance in making a long-range caregiving plan.
  • Arrangement of support services, which may include
    • Respite Care – provision for a brief rest or relief from caregiving responsibility.
    • Emergency Response System.
    • Adaptive equipment for personal safety (not covered by another source).

Important Note: All services are short-term, temporary and provided at no charge. Contributions toward the cost of the services are encouraged and welcomed.

To qualify or find out more information about this program contact AAACAP by phone 512-916-6062 or 888-622-9111, ext. 6062.