Criminal Justice Advisory Committee (CJAC)

The CJAC was formed in 1982 to promote, foster and coordinate criminal justice planning and to review and prioritize applications for criminal justice funds by local entities. This committee is required by the Office of the Governor, Criminal Justice Division (CJD).
Policy & Advisory Committees


The CJAC reviews and prioritizes local applications for criminal justice funds. It comprises of participants from around the 10-county region, who are appointed by CAPCOG’s Executive Committee. The committee reviews and scores each criminal justice application based on its own merit, prioritizes the list of scored applications and presents a list of funding recommendations to the CAPCOG Executive Committee for approval to submit to the Governor’s Office. Neither CAPCOG nor the committee makes funding awards; all funding decisions are made at the sole discretion of the Governor’s Office, Criminal Justice Division.

Membership and Bylaws

CJAC consists of at least 17 members appointed by the CAPCOG Executive Committee. Each of the ten counties in CAPCOG’s region has at least one representative on the CJAC. Austin and Round Rock also have their own representation. Committee members must reside or work in the jurisdiction they are to represent and should represent one of the following disciplines: citizens or parents; drug abuse prevention; education; juvenile justice; law enforcement; mental health; nonprofit organizations; prosecution and courts; and victim services. No single group or discipline may constitute more than one-third of the CJAC.


CJAC meets as needed and as directed by the CAPCOG Executive Director, the Executive Committee liaison or the committee as a whole. The majority of its meetings take place between September and March. These meetings are open to the public. Check the events section below for upcoming meeting details, such as time, date and location.

Contact Rosi(ta) Patterson for agendas and minutes for the committee.

CAPCOG Criminal Justice Grant Process

CAPCOG’s Criminal Justice Program and Criminal Justice Advisory Committee review and update or create a regional strategic criminal justice plan annually. The program also facilitates the grant application scoring process through the Criminal Justice Advisory Committee. Each year application scoring done by the committee is based on local, regional and state priorities.