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Capital Area
Orthoimagery Project

CAPCOG’s Capital Area Orthoimagery Project, formerly the GeoMap Program, provides and maintains the region’s need for geospatial base-map data through a cooperative purchasing measure that receives volume discounts for the greatest geographic coverage.

Over several decades, the project has saved CAPCOG and its regional partners millions of dollars while offering valuable data products for many important applications. It aids the region by:

  • Leveraging taxpayer dollars to create enhanced base-map products at a reduced cost
  • Minimizing duplicative efforts to generate base-map data
  • Establishing a common geographic framework for addressing local and regional issues
  • Supporting many critical applications including disaster preparedness, 9-1-1 communications, regional planning and infrastructure management

Capital Area Orthoimagery Project & StratMap

The Capital Area Orthoimagery Project is a coordinated purchase of imagery through the Texas Natural Resources Information System (TNRIS) Strategic Mapping program, or StratMap. The state program’s goal is to facilitate a statewide cooperative purchasing of geospatial data.

Besides excellent pricing, project coordination, technical assistance, and quality control, other StratMap Program benefits include:

  • Streamlined contract and procurement process through DIR
  • Negligible administrative fees
  • Multiple, pre-qualified vendors and products to select from
  • Data is placed in the public domain to follow “open government” doctrines
  • And for Central Texans, the program and staff are still headquartered locally (in Austin)

While CAPCOG coordinates the purchase of orthoimagery for the region, it encourages local jurisdictions to make use of other StratMap purchases because of the above benefits.

> Go to the StratMap website.

TNRIS is a division of the Texas Water Development Board and serves as the state’s clearinghouse and referral center for geospatial data.

Project Updates

2020 Capital Area Orthoimagery Project – Call for Projects

CAPCOG opened its call for projects for the 2020 Capital Area Orthoimagery Project in late March. This first call for projects is the most important as it will be used to construct the statement of work for soliciting vendors to determine costs. The more participants, the greater the geographic coverage, the greater the price discount.

Twelve-inch resolution imagery will be purchased by CAPCOG in areas within the region where higher resolutions are not purchased by project participants. For budgeting purposes, a conservative estimate of at least $100 per square mile is recommended for six-inch orthoimagery. Six-inch orthoimagery for the 2019 project costed about $75 per square mile.

See the project presentation for more details.

Deadline: Friday, May 31, 2019
Staff Contact: Craig Eissler, CAPCOG GIS Program Manager.

Read the Call for Projects.
Download the USGS Tiles in shapefiles. (.zip)
Complete the project submission form.

Past Projects

2019 Capital Area Orthoimagery Project

CAPCOG opened its call for projects for the 2019 Capital Area Orhtoimagery Project in March 2018. The project has been flown and is going through its standard technical processing that includes quality control.

2018 Capital Area Orthoimagery Project

CAPCOG remained a regional project coordinator for the 2018 Capital Area Orthoimagery Project as the GeoMap Program transitioned into StratMap. Projects were submitted in June 2017. The state completed the orthoimagery project in the fall of 2018.


CAPCOG’s former GeoMap Program earned a coveted spot among NADO’s 2013 slate of honorees that included more than 90 projects from 25 states.

If you have questions about this program, contact Craig Eissler.